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Private Coaching

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Private coaching is profound and transformative. It's where life-long changes can take place.


It's for those that are serious about making a change in their life. And who are ready and willing to invest time and effort into themselves, their dreams, and their goals.

If you're tired of feeling overwhelmed, burned out, frustrated, mentally or emotionally distant from the ones you care about, or feeling like you're in limbo, then 1-on-1 private coaching can help you turn everything around.  Because while your stress and burnout may feel big, the power and positive impact of coaching are SO much bigger!

My private coaching is not for everyone though.  You have to really want to work with me and I have to really want to work with you. But if we do work with each other, you are going to receive a powerful, eye-opening, life-changing coaching experience that you will never forget. Your coaching experience will be specific to you, your past experiences, your current situation, your strengths, your challenges, and your goals.  

The first step in starting private coaching is to select one of my Coaching Starters. This is because the most important thing for 1-on-1 coaching to be effective is for us to have an "energetic connection." In other words, we have to feel that we're a good fit for each other, or as I like to say, "We gotta vibe." And the best way to determine if we are a good fit is through one of my Coaching Starters.  

My Coaching Starters provide the opportunity to uncover areas that need coaching, better understand your internal blocks, and understand why your goals are your goals. At the end of one of the Coaching Starters, it will become clear if private coaching is a good fit.

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What's It Like?

After we complete your Coaching Starter, our conversation can transition naturally into exploring what your private coaching experience would look like. Private coaching is custom-tailored to you, your past experiences, your current situation, your strengths, your challenges, and most importantly, your goals.  But in general, you can expect private coaching to include:​


  • Weekly sessions over a three to four-month commitment

  • "Homework "in between our sessions to keep you moving forward (Assignments will work within your current commitments, time, and responsibilities- but will stretch you a little bit)

  • Communication between sessions if needed

  • Custom-tailored coaching intended to bring you to your goal

  • Deep inner work to uncover, address and change the things within you that have held you back in the past, continue to do so in the present and would likely continue to do so in the future, had you not chosen to invest in yourself through private coaching

  • You will have me as your partner during this journey. I will be honest, inquisitive, direct, firm, encouraging, inspiring, and wholly invested in you and your goals

The Only Thing Left Is To...

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