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Burnout Coaching

Private Burnout Coaching is an exclusive, deeply transformative experience, crafted specifically to your unique journey. As part of this process, we employ my signature SO.A.P. N.O.T.E. Method and incorporate other techniques that address your individual needs, goals, and experiences. Depending on your specific situation, we might delve into centering and meditation exercises, visualization techniques, brainstorming sessions, journaling, and more. This isn't just about managing burnout; it's about truly overcoming it.

Whether your path involves reframing your role within the healthcare sector, redesigning your professional life, or transitioning outside of healthcare altogether, this one-on-one journey is about fostering powerful changes that will resonate throughout your lifetime. Together, we'll navigate the complexities of your burnout story and chart a course for a future that reignites your passion, resilience, and sense of purpose.


The ultimate goal? To help you love the work you do and live a life that inspires you and others. Remember, the first step to this transformative journey is a simple, free Discovery Call. Let's explore your future together. Book your call now and start living the life you've always wanted.

The SO.A.P N.O.T.E

SO. (Subjective/Objective)

Firstly, similar to obtaining a detailed history, we dive deeply into your unique experience, examining the path that led to your current level of burnout. This is a stage of vibrant dialogue where you're free to share your feelings, frustrations, and personal insights. As your coach, I offer objective insights to help you identify and understand any internal obstacles or limiting beliefs that have fueled your burnout. Recognizing that your professional decisions often bleed over into your personal life, we consider all aspects. 

This first step unfolds as engaging, deep conversations where advanced, proven coaching techniques are applied to reveal your core values, priorities, and ambitions – even those that are not immediately apparent. This step is important because it sets the foundation for our coaching journey. It's about identifying and confronting your inherent tendencies that may have been intensifying your burnout. By the end of this stage, you'll gain a deep understanding of your stress responses, coping mechanisms, routines, and habits that have contributed to your burnout.


A (Assessment)

The Assessment step doesn't involve a medical diagnosis, but rather adopts a similar approach. We dig deep into your ambitions and goals that might not have been fully discovered or fulfilled yet. These are often the ones quietly contributing to your feelings of burnout. Leveraging insights from our powerful coaching dialogues, you'll start pinpointing your authentic objectives. Many times, clients find they have broader, more personal goals than they initially thought. It's these unnoticed, personal aspirations, especially when they remain unfulfilled, that can fuel burnout. During this stage, you'll identify what truly matters to you. You'll learn how to give these key priorities the focus they deserve in your daily and weekly routines, channeling your energy towards the aspects of life that are most important to you.


P (Plan)

In the Plan step, you've now gained a deep understanding of your habits, tendencies, limiting beliefs, and coping mechanisms, as well as clarity on your priorities, values, and ambitions. So, what comes next? We start shaping a plan. This isn't just any plan; it's a custom-built roadmap that includes everything you desire and need. We consider your current work demands and any personal responsibilities, like caring for family members. But this plan isn't just about juggling your commitments; it's an opportunity for personal growth. It's about pushing your boundaries, challenging yourself, and ultimately, guiding you toward the realization of your goals.



In the final N.O.T.E. step, we put your plan into action. Helping you shape the fulfilling professional and personal life you've longed for. This stage is where we address and combat your burnout- and where I share the secret to curing burnout permanently. The key in this step is its authentic and unique approach tailored specifically for you, by you. What does N.O.T.E. stand for? It varies with each client, reflecting what would truly make them happy. Some N.O.T.E. examples from previous clients:

New Opportunity To Explore: Imagine exploring new roles, pursuing additional training for career advancement, or even considering a complete career switch as a way to overcome burnout.

Nasty Obstacle To Eliminate: Think about setting personal boundaries, managing challenging relationships at work, advocating for fair workloads, or addressing any personal issues that may be contributing to your burnout.

No One To Explain (myself to): Envision starting a private practice, launching a health consulting business, or developing a healthcare startup where you have more control over your time and decisions, thereby alleviating feelings of burnout.

Now Open to Explore: Picture yourself pursuing personal interests or hobbies that bring joy and relaxation, taking vacations, or exploring new activities outside of work to create a healthier work-life balance and prevent burnout.

Nurture Own Therapeutic Environment: Consider creating a positive and nurturing workspace or home environment that promotes mental wellbeing and a balance between work and personal life.

Nourish, Observe, Transform, Energize: Emphasize self-care which includes nourishing your body and mind, observing and acknowledging your feelings and emotions, transforming your perspective towards challenges and stress, and energizing yourself through regular physical activity.

Navigate Obstacles, Thrive Everyday: Picture yourself setting personal boundaries and learning strategies to cope with daily stressors, so that you can thrive in your profession.

Nourishing One's Total Existence: Focus on the importance of self-care in all areas of your life, not just at work.

Nominate Own Time for Enjoyment: Ensure you carve out dedicated time for leisure activities that bring you joy and help reduce stress levels.

Neutralize Overwhelm Through Exercise: Advocate for yourself by recognizing the benefits of physical activity in managing stress and overwhelm.

Nudge Out Toxic Elements: Identify and remove toxic elements or relationships that contribute to stress and burnout.

Navigate Outside The Expected: Encourage yourself to think outside the box, possibly explore different paths in your career or approach your work differently.

Never Overlook The Extraordinary: Focus on finding joy and extraordinary moments in everyday life as a method to prevent burnout.

Naturally Overcome Through Empathy: Acknowledge the power of empathy towards yourself and others as a tool to manage stress and burnout. Self-empathy can be a part of self-care, while empathy towards others can improve interpersonal relationships, often a stressor in healthcare settings.

What My Clients Say

testimonial best life coach in new york

Paulina J., Physician Assistant

"I had coaching sessions with Marco during a time when I was dealing with burnout. He helped me weigh all my options and clarify my strengths and core values. He helped me ensure that I made decisions aligned with my well-being while at the same time creating a clear path to my short and long term goals outside of healthcare. I am forever grateful for working with him during a time when I had to deal with extremely challenging life decisions after quitting my job and starting anew."

Get Started

The path to a burnout-free life starts with a simple, empowering conversation. Don't wait for change, initiate it today. Book your Discovery Call now!

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