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The Side Hustle Transition: A Gradual Approach to Career Fulfillment

Updated: Jan 31

Marco Benitez, MS, PA-C, CPC, known as Coach Marco B, in action, portraying the balance between his roles as a medical professional and an authenticity and burnout coach. The image for his blog post 'The Side Hustle Transition: A Gradual Approach to Career Fulfillment' shows him in motion, symbolizing the dynamic path to career satisfaction.

So, it's a hot summer Sunday in New York City, and while I would have loved to stay in bed and sleep in today, I had to 'rise and grind,' as the expression goes. You see, I'm not only a coach but also a Physician Assistant (PA) and a father. A few years into starting my career, I started noticing that although I was working in a profession I spent eight years in college preparing for, I was not as fulfilled as I expected I would be. Something was missing, and I could not pinpoint what that was for some time. Eventually, after a lot of soul searching, a pile of self-help books, meditation, prayer, and countless long silent thinking sessions later, it became very clear to me that coaching was the best way I could connect with others and serve while at the same time taking charge of my financial goals.

Why do I bring this up? My own experience came to mind after coming across a few videos today about "going all in" when you want to change careers if you're unhappy with your current one. Essentially, the advice was to drop the job you hate, tighten your belt, eat ramen noodles, sleep on a friend's couch, and tough it out while establishing yourself in a new career or business. What surprised me was that there was no recommendation for a gradual transition. It was "either you're all in, or you're not serious about making a change." While some people may have the luxury of dropping everything and starting from scratch with little to no income, most working professionals cannot. Their advice got me thinking about a few things, but one thought stood out, the transition power that a side hustle can have.

A side hustle may be the path that leads you to your biggest goals.

Let's go back to my personal story for a moment. I know with complete certainty that coaching is my higher purpose, and it's something that I am not only passionate about, but it's my divine obsession. I am obsessed (in a good way) with helping others uncover their most meaningful goals, succeed at achieving them and create a life that inspires them and others. However, despite having the clarity of my goal, I still have my side hustle, and I need to keep it until coaching can sustain me and my children. For some time, I was embarrassed to say that to my coaching clients, but the fact is that not everyone can leave their "old" life in one single step to start their "new" one. The reality is that most people can't. People have bills, families, dependents, and responsibilities, and either you have to transition out in stages (like me), or you can gradually start working in the role of your new life while still working in your former life (also me).

You DO NOT have to transition into your best self or higher purpose in ONE step. This is very important to understand. Place it deep down in your consciousness; Whether it's moving up in your current career, transitioning from one career to another, monetizing a hobby, or starting your own business, you may, and most likely will, need a side hustle, and there's no shame in that. Remember, as long as you're moving forward consistently, regardless of the pace, you are getting closer to your goal and will achieve it. Working with a coach, however, may shorten that timeline and make the journey more enjoyable.

If you've decided you're serious about living a life that inspires you and others, consider scheduling a Discovery Call call with me. During that call, you can share what isn't working for you in your current life and what your goals and ideal life look like. You are not alone in your journey through burnout. If you'd like some support, you can find advice, tips, and a space to share your struggles by following me on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn. I also host an online burnout support group which you can subscribe to HERE.

Remember, you can fail at something you don't want, so you might as well take a chance at something you love.


- Marco Benítez, MS, PA-C, CPC aka Coach Marco.B

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