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Have You Ever...

  • Felt like your job is getting in the way of what you REALLY want to do?

  • Regretted or doubted your career choice?
    Like you’ve lost control of your work and life balance?

  • Had to rationalize to yourself that you are in a “good career” even though you feel trapped?

  • Felt like you can’t leave your job because of your salary or “benefits” and try to convince yourself that “It isn’t THAT bad?”

  • Felt like you should be doing something different or better with your life?

  • Felt like you have no choice but to sacrifice what you really want in order for others to be happy?

  • Come home after work and felt like you’re always working but you’re not accomplishing much?

  • Found yourself on the couch at night watching TV and felt a little guilty because you aren’t doing something to help FIX your life?

  • Felt like the your business has lost its direction?

  • Felt like your business needs to reconnect with its original vision and serve it’s clients better and more authentically?

Have You Ever HOME

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Coach MarcoB

Imagine Instead

  • You no longer feel bound to your job.

  • You spend time working on something that inspires you and others.

  • You generate income in a stress-free way doing what comes naturally to you.

  • Your business not only makes sales but also forms meaningful connections with clients.

  • Your business created a movement off of your authentic vision of what it stands for. 

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Imagine Instead HOME

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.

Chauncey Depew

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Meet Marco

Authenticity Coach | Entrepreneur |Physician Assistant

I help people and businesses to be authentic confidently so that they can eliminate stress, achieve higher goals and serve people better.

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Julia G.
Physician Assistant
Carrie Williams Pink Foundation

Marco helped me tremendously! He provided a safe space for me to vent and helped me see that there was a way for me to follow my passion (growing my nonprofit organization that serves women and families affected by breast cancer) without abandoning my career as a PA. He helped me lay out a clear plan to my dream future. I’m forever indebted to his services.

Paulina J.
Physician Assistant

I had coaching sessions with Marco during a time when I was dealing with burnout. He helped me weigh all my options and clarify my strengths and core values. He helped me ensure that I made decisions aligned with my well-being while at the same time creating a clear path to my short and long term goals outside of healthcare. I am forever grateful for working with him during a time when I had to deal with extremely challenging life decisions after quitting my job and starting anew.

Ashley Headshot.JPG

Ashley A.
MUA/Beauty Influencer
(Former Medical Assistant)
Glammed Up by AshBeauty

Thank you Marco for all the coaching sessions we've had over the span of 5 years! During our sessions you helped me obtain clarity and a sense of freedom personally and professionally. Your coaching helped me stay focused through my toughest moments and feelings of burnout. You gave me the courage to start my journey and eventually reach my goal of  transitioning out of healthcare and into the beauty industry. I will forever be grateful for you and all your help. I highly recommend Marco as a coach for anyone experiencing burnout and wanting to transition out of the healthcare industry.

Angela Preda Headshot.jpeg

Angela P.
Physician Assistant

Last year was almost unbearable. Between losing my dad to COVID and working at a  job that felt like a toxic environment, I was burned out to say the least. I was frustrated, overwhelmed and felt like there was no hope in sight.  Unexpectedly I came across Marco. I  had no idea that talking with one person could make such an impact! With Marco's coaching I became clear on what I needed to do to get out of what felt like the "deepest pit" in my life. I accepted an offer for a new job which is going to provide me with the experience I need to reach my long term goal and dream job. Marco played a huge role in my success and I highly recommend working with him!

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