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Your journey to overcoming burnout as a healthcare professional begins right now. As a burnout coach, physician assistant, and someone who has overcome burnout, I understand the unique challenges you face, and I am committed to guiding you on your path to recovery, resilience, and rediscovery. This journey isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. It starts with an exploratory conversation and unfolds into a transformative process tailored to your specific needs and goals. There are a few ways for us to collaborate, from a free 20-minute discovery call to two focused 60-minute jumpstart sessions, and comprehensive one-on-one coaching. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

Discovery Call

Our initial interaction is a 20-minute Discovery Call, designed to lay the foundation for our potential coaching relationship. This is an opportunity for you to express your burnout challenges and the aspirations you'd like to achieve in your healthcare career. I will share my philosophy on burnout, its prevention, and my coaching approach. This exploratory call is all about understanding your unique situation and determining if we're a good fit. It's the first step in prioritizing your well-being and actively seeking change.


Jumpstart Coaching Session

In these two powerful 45-minute Jumpstart Coaching Sessions, we'll dive deeper into your burnout journey. We'll explore the complexities of your current situation, understand the contributing factors and what you're trying to improve. Together, we'll go over what research has shown to be the best practices in stress and burnout prevention and coping. Some clients only need to be provided these coping techniques to get them back on track. But during this session, many of my clients reveal deeper goals and limiting beliefs that, because they are unaddressed, create the symptom known as burnout. In these cases, if there is a mutual level of comfort and interest, I invite these clients to be private one-on-one coaching clients.


Private Coaching 

(Invitation or Referral Only)

As a one-on-one coaching client, you'll receive a comprehensive, tailored coaching experience. We'll work together on a deeper level to understand the root causes of your burnout, identify previously unrecognized goals and remove limiting beliefs. With a focus on long-term strategies and techniques, this journey ensures you not only overcome your current burnout but also develop the skills to prevent its recurrence. You'll gain a life-long change and a deeper understanding of how to stay inspired, balanced, and energized in your professional and personal life.
As your personal burnout coach, I'll be your guide, advocate and collaborator , helping you navigate through the complexities of your burnout journey. The end goal isn't just about managing burnout—it's about creating a transformative shift in your professional and personal life. A shift that will leave you feeling inspired, fulfilled, and in control of your work-life balance, ready to make a lasting impact in your field and beyond. The private one-on-one coaching journey can indeed be life-changing, providing you with a renewed perspective and an empowered approach to your life and career.

What My Clients Say

Testimonial 5 star Rating burnout coaching

Paulina J., Physician Assistant

"I had coaching sessions with Marco during a time when I was dealing with burnout. He helped me weigh all my options and clarify my strengths and core values. He helped me ensure that I made decisions aligned with my well-being while at the same time creating a clear path to my short and long term goals outside of healthcare. I am forever grateful for working with him during a time when I had to deal with extremely challenging life decisions after quitting my job and starting anew."
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